Late Night Grub

Late Night Menu

Served from 10.00 pm to Midnight on Friday and Saturday

Morrissey’s Pub Chips or Wee Tots $6.00

Onion Rings $8.00

Irish Cheese Dip and Wedges (*Signature Item) $9.00

Chicken Wings $12.00

Choice of : Guinness BBQ, Buffalo, Irish Whiskey, Chipotle dry Rub or Honey Sriracha

Chicken Fingers $12

Buffalo tossed Chicken fingers $12.00

I.C Burger $14

Buffalo nuggets $9

Cheese Curds $9

Curry Cheese fries or Tots $9

Fish and Chips $15

Apple Turnover $7

Chocolate Lava Cake $7

Curry Sauce Cup/$3 Ramekin/$1.5